3 Hacks to Quickly Attract Customers!

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When launching a new business, there isn't a way to get a shortcut for success. You know it requires a lot of work to build the right product for the correct type of customers that can help them so that they are willing to spend their money on it.

However, there are three relatively quick hacks. You can apply once you're confident enough to ship your product and attract new customers.

1. "Alternative to" pages

You're likely launching a product that already has some competitors in the same space right well.

This first hack is focused on leveraging the authority of those competitors by creating alternative two pages you're going to write blog posts or landing pages, where you compare your software through those already existing products.

As you can see in the example below, StatusCake is the competitor of our Odown product, so we have added a clear and transparent comparison that convinces the user to use Odown.

This way, when people search for alternatives on Google, they hopefully end up on your site, which is an excellent opportunity for them to check out your product, and who knows, if you're good enough, they'll stick around. And you have a new customer, a similar approach.

2."Alternative to" Ads

You can do it with ads; this will give you much faster results, so go and sign up to Google Adwords and create "alternative to" ads, which you then target on your competitors' keywords.

It can be one of the following:

  • Brand names
  • A combination with keywords such as "switch from X" or "alternative to X" or even something like "cheaper alternative to X".

3. Product Listing

The last hack is to get your product listed on sites where your competitors are listed already.

These can be sites where they compare different products in your space. Another great hack would be finding high, ranking blog posts and asking the author to include your product in the article.

You often need to pay for it, but besides the traffic, you'll get, you'll also gain brand authority because you're listed with other well-known brands.

You'll also get a backlink from a high authority domain URL, which will benefit yours overall.

This is a big win, so there you have it. These three hacks are what I would do right away when launching a new product today.

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Code and Product. Writing about solopreneurship, Javascript and design.

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Omar Ben. 🤖

Omar Ben. 🤖

Code and Product. Writing about solopreneurship, Javascript and design.

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