10 books to read when starting a software (SaaS) business

In this article, we’ll talk about the 10 books that helped me the most in building my own software company and that I would recommend to people that are starting in saas today.

When building a product, you need to find balance in building a product that serves your customer on the one hand but, on the other hand, also generates revenue for your business right.

1. Hooked

In hooked, you’ll learn how to design experiences, products, and services that users love, and it will help you uncover the psychology of how to keep customers coming back and keep retention High.

2. Zero To Sold

Zero to sold is the story of author Arvid call and his wife on how they built and sold their saas startup. This is by far one of the complete guides on starting scaling and marketing your business.

You’ll learn a ton of valuable lessons. So definitely worth reading when starting a new business and if you want to learn how to scale or even sell.

3. The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup is often called the holy bible for startups because it’s focused on developing a framework for rapid iterative development for your business which highly relies on validated learning and constant experimentation to test and improve your product.

In the book, you’ll learn how to work with frameworks such as MVP, which will help you launch your product and the BML method.

One of my favorites helps you optimize the product in the right way. This is a must-read.

4. When coffee and kale compete

When coffee and kale compete is a brilliant book that helps you build the best product possible in this book. You’ll learn everything about the jobs to be done framework, which is a framework based on the struggles of your customers and how you can make their lives even better.

5. Intercom on Starting Up

You won’t find this book in many lists, which I think is strange because intercom on starting up is honestly the one book.

I always recommend people that are starting in software or saas. It covers everything you need to know in building a software company, from working on new products and features to building your team, but it even has a detailed chapter on pricing, which is always one of the hardest things.

6. Sprints

Sprint is a book that describes an excellent framework for testing product ideas quickly within one week.

The Google product team initially created it. Still, this framework is now widely adopted by product teams all around the globe, and I have to admit, that reading sprint has helped our team move faster by validating and launching based on running tests and feedback. So if you’re working with a team on shipping new products and features sprint, it is your go-to.

7. Intercom on Product Management

Another comb book? I can’t help it. The books they publish are too good, not to mention this book isn’t available in hardcover, though, but you can download it in pdf from their site.

This book contains actionable frameworks for navigating the hard choices along the way of building a product to ship a product that people want.

8. Behind the cloud

Behind the cloud is the story of Mark Benioff, founder, and CEO of salesforce, on how he started his company from a rented apartment and led it into the world’s fastest-growing software company with billions of dollars. In revenue, it’s also packed with practical tips and techniques, which can be very helpful for every starting entrepreneur.

9. Lost and founder

Lost and founder is a hands-on guide to getting your startup off the ground. I enjoyed reading the story of how Fishkin, the author of the book, built his SEO software business moss from the ground off. I think there are a lot of valuable lessons and insights in this book for every aspiring entrepreneur, especially in software.

10. Startupland

And last but not least, Startupland is the amazing story of the start and rise of Zendesk, which we probably all know right. You’ll read about the struggles and hard choices the founders had to make while building their startup. The cool thing about the story is that the three co-founders spend a year and a half building the product while still doing consulting projects and bootstrapping their business.

So if you’re building a software business as a side project, this book is something for you.

These 10 books are my recommendations if you are starting your software or saas business, have fun.

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